History of Gazlıgöl
Date: 23 / Temmuz / 2017

According to heresy, King Midas was a King who had no children, even though he had everything. The king was so angry that he begged God to be a child day and night. Finally, King Midas's world has become a beautiful girl. Suna the daughter of the king; She has been caught in a desperate illness for years when she has stepped into her youthful sadness. There's boils in this pretty girl's body. No physician has found a cure for these juicy boils. Suna, the beautiful girl who can not stand up to sorrow of these sores that have not healed, He fell on the roads. The mountain has been wandering around the hill.


King Midas sent a lookout for his daughter. The beautiful girl who came to Afyon in the land of the king. Suna is very thirsty for being in full summer. He was looking for water to drink some water. At the moment where the Gazlıgöl spa is located, he saw a water surrounded by greenery.


The girl who is grasped by thirst, the airstream that runs without even thinking about the swamp around. She leaned over to the blood from that water. He looked at it, and in places where the water was touching, there was a sweet grudge, a discomfort, a peace. Beautiful girl threw herself into the water. The pain has slowed down. He has gone out of the water and has been sleeping and tired for days, and has fallen into a deep sleep.

When she woke up, she noticed that she did not have any soreness, her boots started to dry out. She's been with her for a week. After a week, the boils, the wounds have passed completely. The beautiful Suna, who sees her old beauty in the water, turns pissed with love.

The observers who watched him in the future, came to him when he understood the girl's healing. He told a story about what happened to Suna. Then they turned to the sun. King Midas, wondering about her daughter and grieving day and night, was delighted to see this girl's recovery. Tell your doctor which physician has healed you, do you want to make a doctor? said.


Sunada He is not a physician, he healed the hot water from the country, father answered. On top of that, King, Thesis is built a bath there, the distress that comes from the distress is distributed. He gave the decree. This spa is believed to have been used since the Phrygians' time. Fatih Sultan Mehmet, on his way to the Karamanoğulları expedition, came to Gazlgöl on the road and reconstructed it.