Date: 23 / Temmuz / 2017



Chemical classification; Carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide, as well as ions such as chloride, iodide, bromide, fluoride, sulfate, nitrate, nitrite, hydrophosphate, carbonate, bicarbonate, hydroarsenate, as well as free carbon dioxide and free-hydrogen hydrogen gases.


In addition, the temperature of the coated dish varies from 64 ° C, radioactivityTlferi Rn 0.2 to 0.29, and the pH value is 6.9. Gazlıgöl at the beginning European patients with cardiac diseases with carbon dioxide gas is suggested. Gazlıgöl Kaplıcası in Afyon is a paradise for a purpose. It is also good for the liver and kidneys when used as drinking.


The name of the ancient city of Gazlıgöl Kaplıcası in Gazlıgöl Town of Afyon is 'Healing Phrygia'. Gazlıgöl Kaplıcası is very rich in terms of carbon dioxide. There is carbon dioxide gas dissolved in the water of this spring. It is considered to be the ideal water used in bathing treatment of heart and vascular diseases due to its characteristic feature.


Prof. Dr. İ.Ü Istanbul Medical Faculty Head of Department of Medical Ecology and Hydroclimatology. Dr. Dr. Zeki Karagulle, heart disease in Europe, suggesting that a carbon dioxide springs suggesting 'team work is being done in Europe. Patients are referred to this kind of spawned doctors control.

This information is rich in carbon dioxide in the light Gazlıgöl Kaplıcası'nın also expected to be good for cardiovascular diseases, 'he says. The waters in Gazlıgöl Kaplıcası are both drinking and bathing here.


The diseases that this spring is effective are as follows: 'When used as drinking, it is good for stomach ailments, liver, intestinal spasms, gall bladder, it helps to reduce kidney stones.

When bathing is done, it lowers blood pressure, rheumatic diseases, 'neuritis', skin diseases, some gynecological diseases, heart and artery stiffness.